Sometimes you come to a crossroads where you need to decide which way to turn. It’s not always as simple as left or right, up or down. The path you choose could be life-changing or a dead end. But often times you don’t know what the result will be until you take that first step.

The hardest thing as human beings is to make a decision that may or may not turn out to be a good one–to essentially walk into the unknown. But if you function in the reality that everything happens for good, you’ll realize that there are no mistakes in life. The path–your path–has always been there. No matter how long it takes you to come to the decision to open the door and walk that path, no matter how much heartache making that decision has caused–the answer has been there all along. It was just waiting for you to accept it and make it yours.

Life is about coming to the understanding that the path you’re on is the one you’re intended to be on. The struggles we encounter are simply there to teach us. They help us to grow into stronger, more capable versions of ourselves. Our challenge is to embrace the journey without fear or apprehension. So grab hold of it and take the ride!