Self Care

Self-care is an exciting process of body, mind, spirit connections. While practitioners can help in the healing process, you are the real secret ingredient.  If you agree the body has healing gifts, you can open to the inner world of inherited wisdom.  You were born with innate intelligence which is what all Chinese medicine is based on.

All healing is self-healing. If you want outcomes no matter the modality, the outcome still relies on you.  your believe, your body’s intelligence.  The suggested Qigong movements are a gateway to stimulating your healing wisdom.

How to Start

Each of these techniques can reset your body’s natural ability to heal. With daily practice you’ll increase energy flow. Start by selecting one technique. Practice that technique daily for 5 minutes.  Then, after a few days, add another onto your daily routine until you’ve learned all the featured practices.

Four Energy Gates

The Four Energy Gates are the body’s four major energy intersections. Watch the video carefully, then practice each gate for 3 minutes. You’ll stimulate your entire body and receive a tune-up.

Spirit Gate Breathing

Slowly and gently breath-in. As you breath in, pull your navel in. Slowly and gently breath out. Repeat this practice for 2-3 minutes. As you become comfortable with reverse breathing, close your eyes and focus on your navel.  When inhaling hold your breath for 3-5 seconds before exhaling.


Peaceful yet stimulating, this Qigong movement connects you to the nurturing essence of Earth energy. As your feet hit the ground the entire body is reinvigorated.  Practice any time of day to recenter your body and mind.

What's Next?

Once you have learned these core Qigong movements, we have another site dedicated to Qigong practices and self-healing.