If you’re drawn to our site Tao of Healing, offering acupuncture, qigong, medical qigong and discover that it speaks to you, we already have an energy connection. Deep within your consciousness, a special inner gift has allowed you to recognize that there is something special for you here. We view wellness differently in our health and healing practice. Our purpose is to help you discover how to trust the healer within you and improve your quality of life, not merely treat disease or its symptoms.

Real healing is a multidimensional journey that takes place beyond the physical plane. It’s a process that is impacted by and impacts the many relationships that create the intricate web of relationships that make up our lives. These relationships can involve many things: from the spiritual to the physical and the emotional, from your workplace to your environment, from your family, friends, and colleagues, to you and food, nature, and Universal energy itself. If your relationships are out of balance, if energy cannot flow freely in these areas, then it must be rebalanced, or illness and disease will find your body an inviting place to exist. At the Tao of Healing, we recognize that everything’s about energy, everything is about consciousness, and energy relationships. We understand that everything is related each dimension of your being is intimately connected to another. To really help you, we must regard you as a whole individual—a unique energy being.

To be truly transformative, our healing therapies must reach beyond your condition to include a deeper exploration of your spirit’s purpose. Though we are experienced and eager to partner with you to address your conditions and symptoms, our real work involves helping you discover your own self-healing gift and recognizing what purpose your condition serves in this life’s path.

My greatest joy is to help patients begin this journey. I believe that there is no disease; there is no illness—only energy stagnation.

Grand Master Lu