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What is the Secret Behind Chinese Medicine?

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has viewed the human body as an inter-connected whole. When one area of the body is off balance or showing signs of discomfort, pain or immobility, it’s an issue for the entire body to resolve. Practitioners of Chinese medicine respect the body’s wisdom to heal itself. Through deep energetic…

Eye Issues, Qigong and Natural Healing

Gary had to make a choice to have surgery or follow a path of natural healing. When his doctor told him he had a serious eye problem that needed immediate surgery, Gary turned to Grand Master Lu for guidance. He was not keen on eye surgery. Hear what he did and how that decision affected his future.


Meridian Damage and Your Health

When a physical or environmental force damages a meridian, the related condition is more extreme and difficult to fix. Lymphedema, a sports injury, and side effects from cesarean section are examples.