Training Schedule

One of the most essential aspects of LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong is the traditional Medical Qigong training that participants receive when they live, study and practice with Grand Master Nan Lu.

March 1-10, 2019 — Medical Qigong Training – Ten-Day Intensive, Catskill, NY

Part of the curriculum involves ten days of intense energy practice in a beautifully conceived, natural setting in the Catskills. Away from the vibrations and distractions of urban environments, students can concentrate on building their energy foundation while connecting to nature and receiving its unconditional support. From the numerically powerful energy gate that opens to welcome the class, to the magnificent outdoor pyramid and bagua structures, to the 64 stepping stones of possibilities and opportunities, to the facility’s great rooms and hands-on kitchen, everything about this unique environment situated on 17 acres has been thoughtfully designed using feng shui to deliver the most profound energetic experience possible.

May 31-June 2, 2019– Training Continues with a Weekend Intensive

During this weekend intensive, you will join our greater Wu Ming Qigong school and practice special energy forms with advanced-level, Medical Qigong students. Having the energy support of more than 100 students practicing Qigong will help strengthen your energy foundation and further support your journey. During this weekend, Grand Master Lu will work with you and check your progress at the body, mind and spirit levels. He will also check your energy levels at this stage of the training. Room and board are included in your tuition.

October 2019 –Training continues at the annual conference. Dates to be announced.

Attend our annual conference where thought leaders in the field of Body, Mind and Spirit Healing share their insights. An important aspect of your training is the opportunity to mingle with advanced level Medical Qigong practitioners. Grand Master Lu will be checking your energy and guide you in your initial phase of Medical Qigong studies.  Full conference registration is included in your tuition. (Room and board is not included.)

Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls

Throughout your training, Grand Master Lu will hold regularly scheduled conference calls. He will continue putting a major emphasis on deepening your understanding of consciousness, and the Five Element energetic framework. These calls are an opportunity to ask questions as you progress in your training.

For more information contact, Elaine Katen at 212-274-0999.

Applications will be available starting December 1.

Tuition includes:

  • Medical Qigong Training with Grand Master Lu. ( $4,500)
  • Room and Board for 10-day intensive – Catskill Mountains. ($1,500)
  • Fees and Room and Board for Qi Weekend at Garrison Institute. ($ 450)
  • Conference Registration. ($450)

For more information and to apply, please contact

Elaine Katen at 212-274-0999