At Tao of Healing, we understand the challenges faced by many individuals and families experiencing characteristics that accompany a diagnosis of ADHD.

We believe that these challenges can also be strengths and by rebalancing the internal system we can help build confidence, self-esteem, and support each person’s ability to navigate through daily life more effortlessly. A
Our treatment program offers a holistic approach focusing on restoring balance to the internal system. Our protocol, developed by Dr. Nan Lu OMD, consists of a full health intake, gentle meridian stimulation for children and adolescents and acupuncture for adults, personalized food choices, parent and family involvement, and emphasis on the internal strengths of each person.

Our goal is to address the root causes of symptoms associated with ADHD by restoring harmony to the body and mind. Our treatment program stands out for several reasons;

  • Parent/Caregiver Partnering: When working with the pediatric population we recognize the importance of involving parents and caregivers as integral members of the treatment team. Parents and Caregivers play a vital role in supporting their child’s journey towards better health and well-being. Through education, guidance, and active participation in the treatment process parents and caregivers can contribute significantly to the success of this holistic program.
  • Balancing internal systems: Unlike conventional treatments that often focus solely on symptom management our holistic approach aims to rebalance the body’s internal systems. By addressing the underlying imbalances through gentle meridian stimulation, diet, and lifestyle recommendations we strive to provide long term benefits.
  • Dietary recommendations: Food plays a crucial role in our approach and we provide personalized dietary recommendations based on the individual’s preferences. We will guide you in making simple adjustments that can be gradually implemented and teach eating habits that support overall health and well-being contributing to the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Pharmaceutical free treatment: Our treatment protocol is natural and gentle. Herbal supplementation may be recommended; taking into consideration each person’s age, presentation, and preference. Our holistic approach prioritizes your safety and well-being.
  • Adult Treatment: The protocol for adults would include a full health intake, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and herbal supplementation to rebalance the body’s internal system.

As a specialist in this field of ADHD, I am committed to empowering individuals diagnosed with ADHD or have ADHD related symptoms, by addressing the underlying root causes of their symptoms based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I look forward to working with you.

Elizabeth Wivel