Tao of Morning Qigong

The Tao of Healing Qigong School is a community of caring students committed to personal development. The mind and its emotions are powerful energetic frequencies that reveal themselves on the body and in life choices. With guidance and quality Qigong practice ones inner vibration is refined resulting in a more balanced and peaceful life. The ancient self-healing system of Wu Ming Qigong is shared with students by Grand Master Nan Lu. 

We have an entire site dedicated to the study of Qigong: Grandmasternanlu.com.  Once you’ve had a chance to view the many videos available, you can decide if our system of Qigong practice is right for you.

Tao of Morning Qigong

Wu Ming Qigong Foundation I

The external body is a reflection of internal balance. Through quality Qigong practice your entire energy foundation can be stimulated for the purpose of self-healing and self-cultivation.  All classes are currently taught on Zoom.

Please visit Grandmasternanlu.com for more detailed information on Tao of Morning Qigong classes and videos on Qigong practice.


Qi Weekends

These weekend retreats support students on their path towards self-discovery. Grand Master Lu feels that time away from your normal routine helps to deepen your connection to Universal wisdom.  During these weekends members of the Qigong community who live locally and at great distance have the opportunity to gather and practice for an extended period with Grand Master Lu. This is a time of intense Qigong practice and spiritual development. Qigong students meet in a group setting with Grand Master Lu to ask their deeper questions.

We anticipate a Spring 2023 Retreat. More information will be available on grandmasternanlu.com.