Darwin’s Birthday Wish!

I am not someone who “lives out loud”. I don’t share much, and while I am a very good listener, I spare of speech. However, I’d like to tell you about my Birthday Wish. I went to the Tao of Healing Center for a Birthday Treatment last week, something I’d encourage everyone to do. This…

Eye Issues, Qigong and Natural Healing

Gary had to make a choice to have surgery or follow a path of natural healing. When his doctor told him he had a serious eye problem that needed immediate surgery, Gary turned to Grand Master Lu for guidance. He was not keen on eye surgery. Hear what he did and how that decision affected his future.

Qigong, The Path to Universal Wisdom

To understand what Qigong is it’s important to understand what Qi is. Qi is Universal life. Qi is everywhere and is connected to everything.  When you practice Qigong, you allow yourself to connect to Universal Wisdom.  Hear more on this topic in a recent interview with Grand Master Nan Lu.


Meridian Damage and Your Health

When a physical or environmental force damages a meridian, the related condition is more extreme and difficult to fix. Lymphedema, a sports injury, and side effects from cesarean section are examples.

Ancient Story, Modern Message: Letting Go

This story is a powerful reminder of the importance of letting go of worry and stress. These negative emotions play a huge role in unbalancing energy.

Men’s Health: Building Qi

Chinese medicine focuses on healing for the long term. It understands health in terms of life force or energy. Its goal is to build real health from the inside-out.

Ask Grand Master Lu: Setting a True Intention

You asked, he answered. Find out what Grand Master Lu has to say about setting a true intention. Think bigger, think deeper.

Life: A Balancing Act

Life is a series of moments all woven together, and you are the thread that makes the moments speak, feel, breathe—come alive.