Immune Health and Body–Mind–Spirit Connections, Part 2

Qigong’s gifts have been known for thousands of years, accepted by Eastern thought and rejected by Western science. Until today. We live in exciting times. A cosmic, told-you-so sense of humor is emerging. Western science looks to the East to overcome its limitations in understanding the invisible, and Eastern doctrine turns to the West to…


What depletes your energy?  Are you aware that some common habits are energy drains? With some insights you may find that minor shifts yield huge results. During this video, Grand Master Lu shares his opinion with his students who are currently in a Medical Qigong training class.  

Mind–Body Practices Reverse Harmful Genetic Changes from Stress, Part 1

Considerable evidence shows mind–body interventions, including practices such as Qigong, meditation, and yoga, improve mental and physical health. How is poorly understood. One theory is they reverse the stress-induced changes in our cells linked to poor health and depression.

Maximizing Your Body’s Highest Potential for Health

Most disease and illness begins with an organ function disorder, often a nagging ache or pain, originating from a root cause not yet discovered. If treated only as a symptom rather than a sign of deeper trouble, a persistent function disorder can take on material form, making treatment and healing more difficult.

Sculpt a Life You Love

There are 365 days in each year and 1,440 minutes in each day. You are alive for 525,600 minutes each year. What do you do with your time?

The TCM Model of Breast Cancer Prevention

For ages, TCM has understood and treated the condition we now call breast cancer. This ancient, holistic medicine recognizes and addresses the early warning signs of this disease before they manifest in the body as cancer.

Words of Wisdom: The Fear of Change

If you’re on a spiritual journey, change will happen. You may experience uncertainty that will challenge you.

The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth

Hold this posture to increase your energy and begin to rebalance your body.  People have practiced this standing meditation as their introduction to Qigong.  Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Extend your arms at chest level, and make a loose fist. POint your thumbs to each other and draw your arms back. Close your eyes and feel…

You Need Energy!

Grand Master Lu encourages you to practice Qigong, quiet the mind and to be happy. By doing so, you will discover inner peace. Health and balanced emotions are directly related to the level of your energy. Energy or Qi is the very essence of life that animates your entire being. Qigong practice is one of…

What is the Secret Behind Chinese Medicine?

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has viewed the human body as an inter-connected whole. When one area of the body is off balance or showing signs of discomfort, pain or immobility, it’s an issue for the entire body to resolve. Practitioners of Chinese medicine respect the body’s wisdom to heal itself. Through deep energetic…

Walk Your Path

There are no mistakes in life. Once you take that first step on your path, you’ll see that it has been waiting for you all along.

The Human Body: A Well-Oiled Machine

Your feet hold up your entire being, your knees bend and stretch, your arms reach and your fingers hold. How are you treating your miraculous machine?