Question:  How do I set my intention? How do I identify what is my true intention?

Answer: Your intention will be set up based on your belief. Everyone is at a different level, a different kind of belief. You will set up a different kind of intention or level based on what you believe and what you want to achieve.

So ask yourself, “What do I deserve?” Don’t discount yourself. Think bigger, think deeper. If you want to have amazing results, you must think much larger than your personal goal.

My Master used to tell this story. He’d say, “Look at the fly. How big is it? The fly is so tiny. Why when we take the fly swatter, which is 100 times bigger than the fly, why are we still missing it?”

Think about this concept. The goal has to be hundreds or thousands of times bigger than your personal goal so that you can hit it! You have to imagine the true intention being so great. Everything is possible as long as you meet the requirement. The first requirement is your belief.

We are not just talking about the way the rational mind thinks about a belief. You have so many tools, you have everything and every possibility. This is not just a simple diet or exercise. Setting your true intention is a way to enhance yourself, to give yourself a jump start and a natural way to change by connecting your practice to Nature. So think big, and then, think bigger! Base your goal on the deep knowing that you are deserving and you will achieve what you set for yourself.

Take this opportunity!